@Erich if the city reverts to the previous rate structure, wouldn't _that_ be considered a tax, and expose the city to legal liability?

@Erich is it fair to say that most tier 4 people are doing something really abnormal? filling a swimming pool? or does this get into people who are just gardening and watering every day?

@csalzman watering an average lawn a few times a week likely puts you at or near. a hose puts out a CCF every 30 minutes. it adds up quickly

@csalzman @Erich yeah I'm having a hard time figuring out how someone can use that much water outside of swimming pools or very large lots that water lawns heavily. Is the data on specific addresses that use water in that tier public?

@sstrudeau @csalzman

watering an average Ann arbor lawn twice a week with a sprinkler system is like 15,000 gallon a month during peak summer. that's 60 CCF of water over 3 months.

@dzombak @csalzman @sstrudeau oh man just went through some historical data on my own house. Previous owners loved their lawn and garden. Had a sprinkler system put in.

In August 2010 they used.... 27,000 gallons. In a month.

That could be 90 ccf in a quarter at that rate.

@dzombak @csalzman @Erich @sstrudeau friends! Do not allow yourselves to become addicted to water(ing your lawn)! If

@dzombak @twbrandt @csalzman @Erich @sstrudeau I literally have no idea how that "if" got there, so... I am as much in suspense and you guys! I blame phones.

@dzombak @twbrandt @csalzman @Erich @sstrudeau perhaps it just wanted me to continue riffing on Immortan Joe's speech? "If you do, your lawn will take hold of you, and you will come to resent its absence!"

@dzombak @csalzman @Erich @sstrudeau BTW here in California a court recently found that tiered water rates are in violation of the state constitution. Public water providers are not permitted to charge more than the calculated cost of providing the water. IOW, the actual water is held to be without value. So given current rates, my cost for CCF n+1 is less than what I paid for CCF 1 when I lived in Ann Arbor.

@dzombak @csalzman @Erich @sstrudeau This is all thanks to a lawsuit by some rich dickheads in Orange County who don't want to pay to maintain their giants lawns.

@Erich @csalzman I am not wired like these people. We tipped 30 once but it was a quarter when we let the kid play in the sprinkler a lot and had a couple garden irrigation mishaps.

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