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- My task this week was to finish and order a photo memory book - a going away gift for my daughter's BFF, who is leaving for Japan in a week.

So many tears.

girl scout cookies 

My daughter was selling cookies at the Plymouth rd Kroger's yesterday and they sold out in 1 hour.

If you want some, there should be a new troop setting up on odd-numbered hours today at that Kroger's. Go early to get a decent selection

ukraine, nukes 

In my household, we are at "buying a supply of potassium iodide" level of nuclear worry.

On a whim, I got a quote from Carvana to see what they'd pay us for our minivan we bought new back in 2020.

It's substantially more than we paid for it new. We could essentially get a brand new minivan again and maybe even make a little money on the deal.

I don't think my wife is convinced of the logic of this however.

one of those days where nothing goes right and weeks of work are negated in an instant. No fun.

a2 Council 

The vote was Ramlawi, Griswold and Nelson joined by Taylor, Disch, and Radina to widen the bridge and not demand any pedestrian concessions from the U.

It's perplexing to me why the U is running the show on a bridge that the city owns, but that's how it is.

I'm not happy with the outcome, feels like some CMs talk big game on safety and climate change but don't actually want to make politically difficult decisions.

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a2 Council 

if you missed it, there was only one big agenda item on last night. The widening of East Medical Center bridge to accommodate an additional lane of traffic.

The U really wants it wider and really doesn't want to make any pedestrian improvements, and is willing to kick in millions to make that happen.

CM Briggs offered amendments to add pedestrian stuff but it failed.

Bridge gonna be wider, more pedestrian hostile.


The roads are just now starting to get bad, where the slush has begun to pile up in intersections.

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Had to drive all over town today for work, and the slush didn't really slow me down at all. I only saw one accident, a single car that slid off the highway, probably going too fast.

I was glad to see most folks stayed home though.

I'm awaiting some meds to be delivered so I can take them to a patient in Chelsea. At this point I'm more worried about the flight making it in to DTW with the meds than anything else.

Have snow tires, will travel.

My car is at the dealer right now, the heat works in double digit temps but not at all in single digits and I've described that to them.

Do I

A) trust they know it's cold today and try to replicate the problem


B) call and remind them that it will be warmer on Monday so check it today.

If you like Murder and Comedy apparently next week Netflix and Apple+ are vying for your attention

Murderville w/ Will Arnett
The Afterparty w/ Sam Richardson

birdsite ramblings 

It struck me this morning how much like our artificially limited supply of new housing is mirrored by the dramatic results of the semiconductor shortage.

Made a long thread about it

the Expanse (no spoilers tho) 

We watched the series finale, which after so long snuck up on me.

Having not read the books yet, I was very happy with where they left things - the writers ties most everything up while leaving a door open to future seasons or films if the show is picked up again.

A full week+ after my kids were exposed, unmasked, to their grandfather who was actively sick with covid for DAYS

Both kids are asymptomatic and testing negative.

Before going sledding at Huron Hills this morning, cold called my daughter's BFF, which was a good call

2021 was a difficult year for me, and much more so for so many others.

I just want to take a second before the year closes to thank you. If you're reading this, you helped me this year. Honestly. Thanks.


Looking forward to some extreme short staffing over the next few weeks because of Omicron. Our quarantined staff in our system has doubled since Monday and is now by far the highest number quarantined all pandemic.

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