@Erich @csalzman I’ve done this kind of work before too - like Erich said it’s great to budget time so you don’t feel rushed. And +1 on pre-compressed springs - it’s pretty scary wrenching springs a few inches from your head!

Also worth considering if you need an alignment afterwards - is that includes in the price the garage quoted you?

I’ve also had a good experience going to the NAPA on Industrial - they seemed to be much more helpful/knowledgeable than the other “chain” auto part stores.

@samfirke @vkg @bdimcheff I remember it being street sweepers - but I also remember people sweeping leaves into the street whenever they felt like it - and not waiting until the designated day.

@Vaguery Have you checked to see if she’s still registered to vote with the State of Michigan website?


@samfirke @csalzman Here’s a good Chronicle article from 2014 about political signs - it has some links to the city ordinances. There’s an 18 hour rule before/after the election for polling places.


@adoxner Oh right... you gave me my ballot this morning - so here’s my belated “Hello”! 😀

B-1, "Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center Location Restriction". #a2council 

@ed_packet and I think Chip voted “no”

So with Kirk and Graydon absent from tonight, that’s only 5 votes in Taylor’s traditional voting “block”

@GregPratt Wow - just had a flashback to freshman year playing that really loud in the dorms!

@csalzman I’ve also been trying Amaroq... trying desperately to find the closest Tweetbot experience

Birdsite thought of the day 

@csalzman I tried using the official Twitter app last week and went back to Tweetbot in less than an hour. I think the Twitter developers watched “Idiocracy” and took design notes.

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