Swearing about the weather 

Well this is some horse shit

I sometimes notice terrible jobs. Today? Doing cart duty at the grocery store after 6 inches of wet snow.

Looks like 5”-6” over here. I have not been out in it yet.

Enviro politics Climate a new story 

If you are like me, and feel sometimes overwhelming despair in regards to climate change and even the human condition, I have a thought/recommendation. Books like The Uninhabitable Earth are not what you need or what the world needs. It only seeds despair. Despair is a form of powerlessness. Which is why I am looking for other, nuttier, approaches. Which is why I recommend the work of Charles Eisenstein. Particularly: Climate: A new story. It is nutty

My patience with my fellow humans expired early today. This happens when I travel.

How come no one told me this was an emoji now? 👾

My sump pump is STILL periodically running. That was a lot of rain

Realized that my entire problem with the dishwasher is that I answer a question incorrectly. When @Cornellbox said “are you SURE you want to reuse this old water supply line?” I should have answered “no”. Rectifying now

Long story short; Don’t take out your live, sap covered, Christmas tree with your favorite gloves.

Running the dishwasher for the first time. Fingers crossed 🤞

I got inspired to do some work late last night and went to be an hour later than usual. I reasoned I could sleep from 11-6:30 and still be rested. Completely forgetting my wife’s alarm would still go at 5:30. I am very tired and will be all day. I will learn this lesson someday

Taking the Air Ride home. Still the best way to get to and from DTW. It is a nice day. I may take the #5 home.

I took three laptops through security. I asked how close that was to an individual record. “Not even. Most I have seen is 12” !!!

I found my Luddite/old man limit. Smart home. I have zero interest.

Sitting within 2 feet of me is as affectionate as my cat gets

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