Podcast recommendation. Strong Songs. If you like podcasts by people who are filled with joy about their chosen subject and are good at explaining it, this is for you.


When I told my son that Douglas Adams was dead he almost cried. It makes me sad I can’t find my signed copy of Life, The Universe and Everything. I must have gotten rid of it in a purge.

If I upgrade to macOS Catalina then I can’t play Myth II: Soulblighter or Wingnuts 2:Raina’s revenge. This is not an easy decision.

The heat is officially on for the first time.

Had my first cup of Kuerig coffee in a spell. if I may quote Charlie Brown “Bleagh”

We have a 3 D printer at work and one of my coworkers made these for us to help with stress reduction.

First soup of the season (chunky veggie) and first time making it on the new stove.

New airport experience today. The reflection room. I took up a mediation practice a couple years ago. I hate to fly and meditating helps. I usually just mediate by the gate. Tried the reflection room. Clearly designed by a monk. One bench large enough for 3. A picture of a bridge over a stream. No religious iconography. One person came in part way through and shared the bench for a couple minutes then left.

My children do not appreciate my rendition of “Like a rolling stone”. Which means it ranks it with every other song I sing them.

Working so close to Zingerman’s bake house is dangerous.

Political opinion 

Bad: Listening to people debate the merits of iOS vs Android

Worse: Listening to software developers debate the merits of iOS v Android

Just realized, after all of these years, I could rename alarms on my phone

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My wife put her anatomical heart pins and necklaces up on etsy. They are very very good:


The black is more glittery in person than it looks in the photos.

(cc @murphmonkey who I think mentioned needing one of these? if not, I apologize for the direct marketing)

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