Yesterday we went on a tour of Annie's Children's Center, which is a daycare .7 miles from our house. It seems great, and they miraculously have an opening!
My 22-month old son, Torin, might be heading there as early as Tuesday. This is particularly good timing because my parents have been helping with him, but my sister is giving birth this week, and I want them to be freed up to be with her too.
I'm proud and excited but also nervous. It's like sending him to school for the first time.

I teased @timsaucer when he broke his Wordle streak the other week, but yesterday's was a doozy. Too many words with that same 4-letter suffix! Danielle and I both failed. 😆

Suddenly all of the Hot Girls who want to play the online Scrabble game with me have vanished. I can’t think of any reason that all these women, who are all definitely from Florida and Texas and not somewhere like, I don’t know, Russia, have mysteriously disappeared. Puzzling.

Obviously, my first post on here needs to be the day's Wordle.

Wordle 254 3/6


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