Spent my day soldering, crawling in the attic, and climbing up and down a ladder. I'm exhausted, but happy with the result.


FYI. A staff member at the Malletts Creek branch of AADL tested positive for Covid. The branch closed today out of overabundance of caution. For those of you who live near there.

I'm exhausted from a week of home projects. I have: run new thermostat wire and installed a smart thermostat, installed flooring, installed a vanity, including all plumbing, installed a toilet, and painted most of the basement. There's light at the end of this basement reno.

Anyone comfortable working with concrete, or know someone who is? I need my basement floor smoothed out/leveled with leveling compound so we can install flooring on top, but I'm having a hard time finding someone to do it.

Showed my daughter the movie Yes Day. Asked her to pick 3 things she'd want for a Yes Day. They are: pay attention to the cat for 1 hour, eat junk food, play outside no matter how cold it is.

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