bbq invitation/a2pol 

If any of you charming folks want to eat some sous vide bbq pork shoulder (or hotdogs or this quinoa salad thing I made) come by at 4 tomorrow (Sunday). Warning tho: it's a meet and greet thing for Dharma so there may be mild city politics. 😉

1401 Harpst

60 today, 90 on friday, 60 on sunday, very normal

@Nezchan wait til they hear about the horseless carriage menace!


found a silly hat that my friend knit for me like a decade ago #noxp #selfie

@george ok cool I'll mess with this more once I can actually start exporting and see what happens. I'll probably talk on the gist. Also definitely check out the reddit link I posted in my comment there b/c I think there may be some advantage to using the minute-based metrics from what I gather.

@george yeah it probably is, thanks... i'm a little confused why your grid usage metric includes your solar but if that's what it needs to be I certainly can do that

@george like maybe there's no return to grid in this because the energy bridge hasn't gone negative, but I kinda doubt it

@george it is, but it's set to not export anything until DTE comes to do their thing. But I don't have a separate export meter for homeassistant, the energy bridge just goes negative. I'm not sure if it'll figure that out, but I kinda think it won't and I need a separate return to grid data point.

ok @george how do I make my homeassistant do the energy thing properly?

@micnic yeah it’s probably not worth burning the gas there to get different gas 😂

does anyone have a favorite place in town to refill propane (vs do a tank swap)?

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