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Hey hey! At 10:00 AM, I’ll live-toot the Land Bank Authority Finance/Audit Committee Meeting for . 🧵

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I’ve been rate-limited for image uploads here. See the Twitter thread for the rest of the screenshots.

And those are all the screenshots I have to share. The committee scrolled through them fast!

Pretty interesting how sales are done at the Land Bank.

Corrections, if any, which will follow below! Thanks again for reading.

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⏪ A renter wants to become a homeowner by purchasing a $6,832 property in Core City. They’ll hire an architect to design the home and have family members do the interior. I guess they’ll build from scratch.

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Marvis Burns, the sale applicant on behalf of Bedford Development, bought 19 properties from the Land Bank since 2019.

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⏪ Bedford Development wants to buy 45 properties (!) all over the city for $110,000. They plan to complete renovations on one property per month. Twenty-six properties are occupied but Bedford promises “supportive services” for them.…

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⏪ Farmers want to buy some Chadsey-Condon properties to create an urban farm/garden. They plan to sell their produce to local farmer’s markets and restaurants.

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⏪ A developer wants to buy a Wildemere Park home for $5,000. They’ll rent it out. The buyer has eight years of experience in brownfield redevelopment, with several developments in their portfolio.

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⏪ Bridging Communities will buy three Claytown and Midwest homes. The sale totals $14,400. The buyer plans to rehabilitate and rent them out as affordable housing, for folks who make below 60 percent Area Median Income.

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⏪ Someone wants to buy two westside properties, which they’ll rehabilitate and gift to their daughters. The purchaser has previous renovation experience.

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Now the screenshots I promised!

⏪ Two investors/residents seek to buy eight Dexter-Linwood properties for $50,000. They have bought several land bank properties in the past.

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Stay tuned for the screenshots I wasn’t able to share, then corrections after that.

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⏱ At 11:26 PM, the meeting adjourns!

Detroit Documenters will offer more notes and archived materials from this meeting:

DLBA’s next meeting will be next Tuesday, June 28:

That’s my live coverage of this Detroit Land Bank Authority Finance/Audit Committee Meeting. As always, thank you for following along!

Check out Detroit Documenters to find more about your local government and how to become a Documenter yourself:

We’re winding down. Walters thanks everyone’s time, which “is a lot of time for briefing one person”.

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The unidentified speaker who spoke on behalf of the legal department talks about a previous case on a demolition contractor. It’s been handed over to the state attorney general.

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Walters asks about the media coverage, and if reporters get contacts through the land bank or independently. The unidentified meeting host says it happens both ways, but more often through the land bank.

Walters asks about an article’s use of an asset library and whether it’s available to staff. Charisma, digital content specialist, says they generate content themselves and acquires customer content too. Walters asks if DLBA staff gives “good news stories” to Charisma – yes. cc Aaron Mondry

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