It's that time of year!

Roll For Topic is doing our annual "Build-a-Dungeon/Play-a-Dungeon" special!

Part 1 was released today wherein we brainstorm and build the dungeon live on-air. @Ohbejuan and Kyle Latino joined us:

Pullquote is: "You're probably going to hear some terrible ideas, and then maybe some better ones, and then you'll hear some more terrible ones"

In two weeks the episode where we play the dungeon goes live. Recorded that last night and it's a hoot!

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Kyle Latino is a cartographer by trade and after we recorded the Build-a-Dungeon episode he mapped out the adventure and made a video about his process!

You can watch that over at his youtube channel, Map Crow:

Last few thoughts on this: we do these episodes to show the "process" behind this hobby and hopefully show off why it's so fun. These epsiodes are designed to be approachable to folks who do not play tabletop games but are curious about what the heck they're all about. I hope you enjoy listening!

(Also, we cut out swear words and all the other content is mostly PG. You can listen to this with kids around without wondering if we're about to drop a bunch of swears.)

The Roll for Topic Play a Dungeon 2021 is live!

Listen in as our party of interior decorators and maintenance staff find a few surprises at the cryptotrillionare, Hashtag Alpha’s, vacation home on Haley’s comet.

Special thanks to our players: @corywc, Nicole, Brandon, and Phill! It was lovely to play with them.

This is part 2 of our build a dungeon/play a dungeon series. You can hear the Build episode here:

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