Experimenting with accounts on two instances, like on the birdsite.

This account/instance for local stuff. It’s like a neighborhood with all my neighbors.

@dzombak for other, online stuff.

We’ll see how it works! This Mastodon thing is one big experiment.

@dzombak @dzombak
It reads the same (at-dzombak) for both in that toot. Looks like, at least with Tusky, it hides the extension, so I was confused at first.

What is the other online one? It doesn't show for me as a linked account. I think if you type it as (at)user(at)instance(dot)name it will show as clickable for off instance people.

@zcampau That is how I typed it, and if you click the link it goes to the other instance (dzombak @ cybre . space). But all the clients seem to always elide the instance name when displaying a mention like that.

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