I have been sitting at my desk at home, with a view of my (one-way) street, for about ten minutes this morning, and I've already watched one car go the wrong way down it.

An oncoming car —going the right way — honked at him. He pulled into a driveway, waited for the car to pass, and then pulled back out and continued driving the wrong way.

The next time a driver complains to me about a cyclist doing something they disapprove of, I'll have to leave the room to avoid punching them.

@dzombak the number of drivers I see every morning on their phones...

@csalzman @dzombak but chris if there's cyclists people might need to pay attention while driving and we can't possibly have that

@csalzman @dadrian this was an f350, of course, confirming the stereotype that everyone who drives a pickup in a city is a jerk

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