The site costs ~$14 per month to run.

In total thus far, this site has cost ~$90 to run, and I've received $98 in donations from many of you. Thank you for your support!

If you're enjoying this community, please consider sending a couple bucks to keep the site running into February and beyond:

(And let me know if you'd prefer for me *not* to thank you publicly for the contribution.)

Breakdown of current monthly costs:

Server: $10
Backups: $2
Media storage: $1-$2
Domain name: $10 yearly = ~$1/month

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Thanks to a couple of you who sent donations on PayPal recently! (I am actually not sure what your handles are 😕)

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@dzombak thank you for donating your time which is the giant hidden cost here 🤗

@samfirke heh, true. I'm honestly happy to do so, as long as other people are willing to kick in the cash.

@dzombak obviously not worth it at this level, but it'd be cool to run something like this as a coop

@bdimcheff totally! but right, at this scale I think "as simple as possible" is the right thing to do

@dzombak this is about a penny per toot, at 7.2k toots currently.

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