The DTE Insight app gets me. I'm all about heated mattress pads, toe warmers, excessive fleece blankets, thick socks, you name it.

(I'm always cold.)

@dzombak though one thing that has super bummed me out about DTE Insight is that some firmware update disabled the energy bridge http endpoint and now my pretty graphs don't work :( :( :(

@bdimcheff one of the devs at work has complained about that, too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@bdimcheff @dzombak winter struggles are literally the side conversation on this slack call I'm on for work, lol

@hypomodern @bdimcheff @dzombak same here. We have people here, Chicago, and the Seattle area (still digging out from 8 - 12 inches of snow).

Then we have people in Phoenix who laugh at us. But we laugh at them in the summer when they haven't left the house in days due to triple-digit temperatures.

@dzombak Hot water bottles. In a string backpack inside my coat on my bike. And then I put it on my feet in the office

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