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@twbrandt @Cornellbox fwiw, these alerts are broadcast by cell towers to all phones connected to it, not selected by area code etc. Unlike pretty much everything else cell phones do, it's a simple 1-direction broadcast. This allows for geographical targeting (eg. broadcast from all cell towers in county X, regardless of whose phones are connected.)
Doesn't explain the difference between your two phones, though, if they were in the same place.

On the bright side, this weekend will be 60+ degrees warmer than it is tonight:

@csalzman @logista @twbrandt I wonder if natural gas supply is an interconnected grid like electricity…it would make sense in that context, no?

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@twbrandt sorry I missed this yesterday. I'll get it to you later this week!

@twbrandt no, I have never gotten into that (surprisingly enough)

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@twbrandt I have it at the office now. We can arrange a pickup/drop off soon

Did one of you tell me you needed a PoE injector? I thought @dadrian did, but apparently I'm misremembering.

@dzombak not mentioned: intercity bus service (Greyhound and a few others) now operates from this station. Ridership data is hard to get but could be as high as 50% of Amtrak ridership. And before you count bus service, Ann Arbor is already as busy as the next two busiest Michigan stations (Detroit & Dearborn) combined! If you counted bus ridership, it might approach Detroit, Dearborn, Royal Oak, Birmingham/Troy & Pontiac *combined*.

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