@samfirke @instance @csalzman I read that too. I’m seeing problems in daily server backup jobs, too, plus media problems on this instance.

I have like 4 TB there in total, though, and migrating sounds horrible :/

, recommendation time: do you have any recommendations for servicing a gas fireplace?

@aag I was looking a while back for golang speed test code, and I found the following tools/libraries, which may or may not be helpful for you:




selling stuff 

If you need a Ubiquiti Cloud Key, TP-Link AV1000 powerline Ethernet adapters, or oscillating tower fans, I am selling them! DM if interested

Where in a2 — ideally west side, near Dexter/Maple — should I buy a propane tank?

Lincoln dies: April 15, 1865
Titanic sinks: April 15, 1912
Notre Dame burns: April 15, 2019

Beware the ides of April.

energy, local politics 

A solid GOP township up north approves utility scale solar. Meanwhile, "progressive" Ann Arbor bans ground mount solar in places it is legal to build a garage & neighboring Pittsfield Township blocks utility solar at an airport next to a Costco because of "views."


I've just renamed it the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Community Calendar. Are there any Ypsi folks who would like to help keep it up-to-date? @samfirke @dzombak

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This photo of Dr Bouman deserves to be one of the classic images in physics. Amazing to capture the first glimpse. Such a genuine response
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Congratulations to Katie Bouman to whom we owe the first photograph of a black hole ever. Not seeing her name circulate nearly enough in the press.

Amazing work. And here’s to more women in science (getting their credit and being remembered in history) 💥🔥☄️

A few us, including @samfirke and @dzombak, maintain it. If you are interested in helping keep it up to date, let us know.

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The Ann Arbor Townie Calendar is a thing that has a number of important dates on it, including home football games, art fair, the car show, and other things that are useful to know. You can subscribe to it here calendar.google.com/calendar?c

You don't need fancy pens or notebooks to keep a journal and it might help to put your thoughts down somewhere.

Wrote a little thing to auto-archive older entries in Feedbin, helping avoid stress induced by an ever-growing RSS reading backlog:


@twbrandt MoldPro remediated mold in my attic; they seemed highly recommended and were also reasonably priced IIRC

New blog post: It's Not Just You harihareswara.net/sumana/2019/

fiddly expensive-if-you-make-a-mistake labor has emerged or shifted onto the middle class's shoulders, without commensurate logistical, psychological, or financial support for that shift

cf. octodon.social/@cwebber/101772 , twitter.com/m_older/status/108

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