@csalzman I was going to say, they're always pretty busy but I'm sure they can help with that today

@sstrudeau @csalzman in winter, cold outside/warm inside is a recipe for fogging up the glass/plastic

Any Ann Arbor photo nerds have a Nikon 14mm lens I could borrow this weekend? Pretty please?

@sstrudeau @Erich won't passage of this expose the city to litigation, something Eaton has pretended to care about in the past?

I could really do without all this precipitation. Also without the cold.

@csalzman yes! it's so nice to pick up a tool you haven't used in a while and see it's still 100% charged

@csalzman also those photos aren't even the land that Prop A was about

anywhere in/near A2 to get spicy fried chicken when Ma Lou's is closed?

(they don't open until Tuesday)

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