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On the bright side, this weekend will be 60+ degrees warmer than it is tonight:

Did one of you tell me you needed a PoE injector? I thought @dadrian did, but apparently I'm misremembering.

@dzombak not mentioned: intercity bus service (Greyhound and a few others) now operates from this station. Ridership data is hard to get but could be as high as 50% of Amtrak ridership. And before you count bus service, Ann Arbor is already as busy as the next two busiest Michigan stations (Detroit & Dearborn) combined! If you counted bus ridership, it might approach Detroit, Dearborn, Royal Oak, Birmingham/Troy & Pontiac *combined*.

@csalzman drove today. I went by our bike route and looks like that was the right choice. Still a lot of ice out there!

Anyone know if packard is clear enough to bike on?

All software devs should read this. Accessibility is important. (And Apple should make its dictation features better.)

Well there’s the answer.

1. Yes, rectangles are patented.
2. The 10 minutes I spent trying values other than 0 and 3 for `Mouse Controls Grid: Mode` in the plist were wasted.

go!passes and MCards don’t require secondary ID when you get on a bus with one. Why should AAATA-issued student fare cards — particularly when some of those students don't even have ID cards?


just another day of my life lost to Python shit that could be avoided by using any reasonable language

do not @ me

Sharing from workantile's slack in case you're not on there:

MDOT is running a survey of long-term transportation priorities: michiganmobility2045.metroques

Someone else could probably do better, but I really wanted a black OLED variant of the 10.4 Tiger OS X wallpaper. So I made one really quick.

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