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For those of you who read RSS on macOS (cc @andrew), Reeder 4 Beta is available

I would like to enable Mastodon's full-text search feature, but I doubt this virtual machine has the RAM to handle it 🙁:

The next VM up the list would be $15/month, which is quite a lot. Probably not worth it.

Another recommendation request: tree trimming/removal company recommendations, anyone?

Okay, Ann Arbor homeowners: I need recommendations for an (exterior) house painter.

On an infinite timeline everything ends up inside a stack view inside of a scroll view.

My tiredness today is partly due to the DST switch and partly because the power was flickering at my house at 3am last night, and every time it came back on my doorbell rang, until I finally accepted that I had to get out of bed and disable it.

A bad combination 💤

Also TIL, Detroit's timezone used to be GMT-05:32:11

Stick that into your tz database

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✍️ Blogged a blog post about The Temptation of Analytics:

Please everyone click on it so I can see the visitors number tick up in google analytics. Otherwise I will wilt away to nothingness.

(Yes, unowned references still pay for atomic math; unowned(unsafe) avoids that)

This fixes the most common bizarre symptom of over-releases in ObjC: my object deallocated and a new unrelated object reused its memory. Usually this showed up as “unrecognized selector xyz sent to object of type <completely the wrong type how did this get here>”.

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I’ve seen some confusion about this recently, so figure it’s worth discussing: ‘unowned’ in Swift is *not* like __unsafe_unretained in ObjC, and actually is pretty odd.

The difference is just that unowned deterministically guarantees a crash if misused, but that requires a lot:
• A second reference count for unowned references is kept
• The object’s deinit runs when all strong references are gone, but it isn’t actually freed until unowned ones are too!

social media update: actually, Screen Time limits alerts me after 30 minutes on IG! I thought I'd set it to an hour, but I'm "only" spending 30 minutes a day there instead

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Mastodon asks "what's on your mind?"

I've been largely successful at cutting most social media out of my life. I still spend an hour a day on Instagram (which I know thanks to iOS 12), but I barely check Facebook or Twitter. I think this is a good thing for my sanity & my sense that time is limited.

This is weird since I now _run_ a social media site…but this one is a nice place!

Friends, a good friend of mine suffered an awful spinal cord injury a few years ago which left him a quadriplegic. Finances are precarious, and he particularly needs help now. If you can donate even a small amount, it would be helpful.


On the bright side, this weekend will be 60+ degrees warmer than it is tonight:

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