On my way back from town, the fountain Sunday Morning in Deep Waters by the carillon.

On my hike into town, observing changes in the State-Hill-Packard triangle.

Pizza Bob's has moved uptown, and Big Ten Burrito closed in favor of the location on South U. That leaves two well-worn storefronts open. No signs of permits or lease offerings at either at the moment. I bet there is a lot of rehab to get either one up to standard.

Otsego County Library, with free WiFi, no password required. Gaylord, MI.

Heading home from camp via old 27 for a ways.

Mackinac Bridge closed 

Not a lot of news from the Straits, but what news there is suggests a bomb threat on Sunday afternoon.

The Bridge Authority website, mackinacbridge.org/ is returning a "403 Forbidden" error.

I'm listening to the Chippewa/Mackinac/Luce scanner, they are discussing traffic control for the reopening.

This is a case where the suggestion is "Expect Delays" but not so much "Seek alternative routes", not unless you want to go the long way around.

ham radio, slow scan television 

ARROW ham radio net tonight featured 30 seconds of warble tones of slow-scan television

sent by W8XM, decoded by AC8ES

I think this is a picture from a recent in-person meeting at a park

This Lenovo Yoga C630 Windows on Arm laptop is not a great laptop as a daily driver, but as a portable Internet terminal it's actually quite good. It can have a SIM card in it, but instead I'm just tethering it to my phone.

Sitting in the car in the parking lot at the airport, gathering in some sunshine and watching airplanes take off from KARB.

The flag here on the flagpole is quite tattered, the city should fix that.

Photo is the KARB tower.

I would gladly bring an airband scanner here.

Lovely bicycle ride this morning. I really appreciate the new bike infrastructure downtown, and of course it's easier to ride on a Sunday a.m. during break than any other time.

baseball via software-defined radio is sometimes a matter of just clicking on all of the strong signals until you hear the crack of a bat.

Thanks to N4BUT for helping pull in WORL Orlando, which carries Rays baseball alongside its mix of conservative religious AM radio.

Interrelation of Volumes from the Ellipsoid (Georges Vantongerloo 1926)


from a postcard by the Art Institute of Chicago

it's plaster, but it reminds me of architectural Lego pieces

The wrath of the weather wizard 

Seen in the AADL catalog


Thunderstorm tracking through the county headed NE from Dexter. It just got a whole lot cooler up here in the attic.

AADL summer reading game game 

Take some data and graph it!

Proof of work, details to come later once I have more data. This is "count of players today" which should reset at midnight. I'm also capturing total points.

Tools: Prometheus, Grafana, and a teeny tiny shell script that scrapes some numbers off the AADL website.

Unexpected learning: the AADL website caches data, so I had to bypass the cache to get a current reading.

CQ Field Day 

Good luck in the contest
Operating 1E Michigan

Cc @w8emv

DTE, power outges, restoration progress 

by the numbers, approximate DTE outage counts

- 10000 at about 3pm
- over 160000 at about 830p peak
- restoration has started

I'll grab another snapshot when the outage count returns to normal conditions.

My numbers seem to be delayed from the DTE web site totals by some number of minutes. I'm also capturing per-zipcode details.

boxy but good; reducing attic temps 

Proof of work, before and after; properly aligned, the attic fan does indeed reduce not only the ambient temperature (purple line), but also when there's enough of a breeze it keeps the hot computers from getting even hotter.

In a real pinch, I think I can zip-tie a hot computer to the grill of the fan, but nothing yet runs so hot that it would be necessary.

Graph is from Prometheus + Grafana. I'm alerting at 60C.

fans, cooling 

It's pretty janky, but I attached a couple of USB fans originally designed as a laptop cooler to my Pi 4, and immediately saw a temperature drop of about 16C (58C to 42C).

This Pi 4 has a very big heat sink which was getting very toasty, it's not so toasty anymore.

proof of work is the top red line which is now out of the red.


Everything is deeply intertwingled. - Ted Nelson, Computer Lib / Dream Machines, 1974.

More about the book at Digibarn


universal service, bell system, quarantine 

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