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My old blog (which is still online) had a pattern of running obituaries for friends or relatives or notable people who had passed away. Often these obits have lasted much longer than the newspaper that originally published them.

I got a note today from someone who had read an obit and was interested in contacting a relative of the deceased. That person was a friend of mine, not a close friend, some years ago - and they have retired and the only email I ever had was the work address.

what to do

library visit 

At Mallett's Creek Branch, testing out the wifi in the parking lot. I have 2 bars out of 4, not too shabby.

Masks are required at the library.

Beastly hot outside (92F).

I checked out Tom Vanderbilt's "You May Also Like", a 2016 book on how we form preferences. I'll withhold judgement until I read it, but my guess is that it would be a very different book if written today through the lens of contemporary politics.

On my way back from town, the fountain Sunday Morning in Deep Waters by the carillon.

On my hike into town, observing changes in the State-Hill-Packard triangle.

Pizza Bob's has moved uptown, and Big Ten Burrito closed in favor of the location on South U. That leaves two well-worn storefronts open. No signs of permits or lease offerings at either at the moment. I bet there is a lot of rehab to get either one up to standard.

Your order is complete! Your order number is 25941.

Thank you for shopping at Summer Game Shop.

radio listening, northern Michigan edition 

I have a new favorite radio station from Clare on north to at least the bridge. WIAA 88.7 Interlochen and its retransmitter WIAB 88.5 Mackniaw City has a solid classical music lineup with a small town feel, including an all-request show Saturday mornings and a show "Gameplay' about video game music.



Amusingly all the on-air URLs just casually assume that you can spell "Interlochen".

Friday checkin, delayed 

Home again from camp. @samfirke you'll like it there.

I managed to not post to social media the whole time, with the exception of one "like". My substitute when I needed to write something was Obsidian and a daily diary and a couple of longer writing sessions.

Camp was hiking and bocce, very enjoyable. It was nice to not have good cell service, and to have to go to a dedicated place to get on the net.

Favorite offline apps: Obsidian and "Offline Maps".

Otsego County Library, with free WiFi, no password required. Gaylord, MI.

Heading home from camp via old 27 for a ways.

Friday check in 

At camp with very weak signal, will check in tomorrow.

A small rant about writing how-to books 

Authors who have two published books, writing a how-to book for writers? No thank you.

Writing how-to books that are 15K words long? No thank you.

Asking me to blurb your 15k "how to write" masterpiece? Priceless, but no thank you.

content warning, meta 

I use the content warning (CW) as a subject line, rather than as a warning. I suppose that's OK. If there is a long thread where people do that, it slows down the process of reading it, but also speeds up the process of not reading it.

bicycle journey 

really not much of a journey, out and back for coffee. It's nice to be able to go a mile or two and not be terrified of the consequences more than maybe once or twice.

Stadium/Packard is not a particularly good intersection for a bicycle, the north side of that corner is too narrow for all of the lanes painted on it and people cross the double yellow all the time. And of course you worry for yourself when people turn without signaling in front of you or next to you.

friday checkin 

It was a short workweek (Monday and Tuesday were all-company holidays for a summer shutdown) but I was still wiped out at the end of the week.

It's a real test to see how to prioritize and how to quickly respond to incoming messages, because there sure are a lot of them, and they can't all be answered immediately.

A success of the week was writing about 2000 words on a topic relevant to my interests. I like having a lot to say on a subject and writing it down.

Did I see someone on who was up to making cutting boards? I have some idea of what we'd like (rough idea of dimensions, it needs to have feet, if there are any screws they should be stainless steel).

We got one at Farmers Market umpteen years ago and put some good use into it, but it's fully worn out now.

Washtenaw Skywarn 

(EOC81) Severe thunderstorms with 60 MPH gusts, large hail and torrential rainfall will be possible this afternoon and evening.

via Washtenaw EOC via email, for Saturday 2021-07-24

Ann Arbor Farmers Market 

tomatoes, potatoes, peaches, dinosaur kale, parsley, basil, green onions.

Is anyone out there involved in a mutual aid tool sharing library, current or past? I'm talking with some folks about organizing one and we have some logistical questions. (please boost!)


Does anyone here use it? I seem to have gotten hooked on it.

The short summary is that it's a single-person wiki based on Markdown, with some nice visualization tools and very easy import/export. I having fallen hard for the single-person wiki as a personal knowledge base tool, but have been frustrated by how clunky it can be at scale. I'm very eager to see how this holds up when it gets big.

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