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I could destroy a plate of hash browns right now.

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Hey Mastodon. It's been a while. Glad you're still here. 😊

William and Ashley is now an all way stop. Should make the walking commute a little easier.

I could destroy a plate of hash browns right now.

Minutes away from the Varsity Boys Soccer matchup between Skyline and Huron. Freshmen matchup was 2-1 Skyline, JV ended 3-0 Skyline.

Everything looks pretty much the same... except my internal drive is now formatted APFS instead of HFS. Oh and I also gained ~40GB of space on the drive.

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Finally upgrading from El Capitan to High Sierra. Hopefully all my Docker containers and other dev tools still work afterwards. 🀞

First day of school pulled into the drop off lane and the guy in front of me has multiple Q stickers on his back window. Hoo boy.

Last day of work before school begins so you KNOW I'm Riding The Ride. 🚌

Ride The Ride
All through the area
Ride The Ride
It's waiting to carry ya

Lawn is mowed for the first time in a month? Two months? Definitely sometime before the couple weeks of drought earlier this summer.

Definitely going to bring a strong low mowing frequency score into the clubhouse this year.

Summer is officially over.

My 3 months of Spotify Premium for $0.99 expired today.

First ad: La Quinta.

Riding the Ride while I still can. 

Once the school year starts up, I'm the designated chauffeur to Skyline and A2Open. I really enjoy riding the bus a couple minute walk from my front door to the depot directly across from my job.

Final Skyline 0-0 Pioneer.
Through three matchups this evening, Freshman, JV, and Varsity, only 1 goal scored in 240 total minutes of play (Pioneer JV).

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@ejk 0-0 at halftime. Shadows now extend across the entire field and the lights are on.

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Pioneer at Skyline varsity boys soccer underway on a beautiful August evening.

Move-in day for Ryan at Albion.
So much paperwork.

I dare say it's a bit chilly out here at the bus stop this morning. Breezy, cloudy... is that autumn coming?

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