You know you've been watching too many forging videos when you idly click on one youtube recommends (with 3+ million views) and you are OUTRAGED by the lack of competency on display despite a fine enough *looking* product at the end :).

I mean the man didn't temper the steel! He put a brass handle on a carbon steel blade! BRASS! UNTEMPERED HARDENED STEEL! This is a sword that will get it's owner killed :).

@csalzman right? Brass causes steel to rust and weaken (not what you're looking for in a handle!), and hardening without tempering gives you a super brittle blade that's as like as not to snap into nasty shards on hard contact. UNACCEPTABLE I SAY <smashes viking drinking horn down on table>

On first read I thought you were talking forgery, e.g. of documents, and wondered why a good enough looking product was not the proper standard for success.

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