Good plywood has gotten expensive!

@hypomodern yeeess.

where are you looking and what are you making?

@csalzman home depot / lowes / menards. I picked up a cyclonic dust collector kit and want to follow some internet guides to make a cart for it and the vac. $55 for a 4x8 sheet of birch!

Now contemplating whether 1/2" is "good enough"™ for such a cart.

@hypomodern 1/2" is totally good enough for such a cart! You might need to reinforce a few corners, but you're not putting too much weight on it.

and, as always, my table saw is available to you should you need it

@csalzman nice, thanks. Ironically, I most need a table saw in order to get the wood home from the store :).

@hypomodern ha, tell me about it. our car is about 5" not wide enough to jam a sheet of plywood in it. I think @samfirke has offered his van as an hauling option

@csalzman I may take him up on that for whenever I need full sheets. For this project, I can get by with an in-store cut fortunately :)

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