Some things are going down in Venezuela, y'all

@hypomodern it's like if Trump dissolved the Supreme court and invalidated the House of Reps, left the Senate around but kicked out some vocal opponents, and then today Nancy Pelosi declared herself President, and Canada and Mexico and a bunch of other countries were like "Yeah we're behind this."


@dgoings Indeed, and now we're gonna play some games with our diplomats and see if we can't get involved in some kind of coup / civil war scenario. Plus ca change for the US in latin america 😬

@hypomodern except this time we might actually help remove a dictatorship instead of install one 🤷‍♂️ but also do it for the oil

@dgoings on the one hand: Maduro is clearly terrible. On the other: our rich tapestry of fucking things up and/or backing the strongmen because we'd very much like the resources in latin america, please.

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