A thing I don't recommend: waking up panicking about failing out of grad school and wasting all of that time & money... when one graduated 12 years ago.

It's not worth losing sleep over something you've already actually accomplished :)

@hypomodern I, too, have had nightmares like that about grad school. And, since I have two separate degrees, I have two sources to draw from for double the fun.

Interesting to know that others have that particular strain, too. I always just ascribed it to a part of my imposter syndrome.

@hypomodern i occasionally have a nightmare that i was registered for a class and never went, but also never dropped it and now it's finals time

@bdimcheff @hypomodern Yeah, I still have those dreams and I finished grad school in 2011.

@bdimcheff exactly! It's also hilarious how one's brain is like: "I don't remember what the class is even called or where it meets? HOW DO WE FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS CLASS WE'RE GONNA FAIL."

@hypomodern @bdimcheff I solved that problem by dropping out of grad school😜

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