Been noticing what I thought was an excess of water pooling in the garage that I couldn't trace back to snow removal tools or cars. Took a quick circuit around the exterior and sure enough, somewhere along the line we lost a little panel of siding on the back corner. A "well, there's yer problem" moment for sure.

Patched it temporarily; when the weather's nicer it'll be fun to see the extent of the water damage.

The drywall on that half of the garage is shot for sure. There was no apparent weather/moisture proofing barrier because reasons.

@hypomodern also, home ownership feels like 90% “oh. That’s why.”

@csalzman right? I am also real sad about having stored things in cardboard boxes in that corner of the garage 😬 😂

@hypomodern Shortly after moving into our house there was a rainstorm and I noticed that part of the garage wall was wet. It didn’t take long to discover that someone had DRILLED A HOLE through the roof such that it came out under a shingle (cedar shake) and couldn’t be seen from outside.

@typingmonkey @hypomodern I have no idea how long it was there or how the former owners hadn’t noticed it or didn’t think something might be wrong with an interior wall glistening with moisture every time it rained.

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