Blade Runner 2049: beautifully shot, well designed, extremely well put together, but I'm not sure much of interest occurred over nearly three hours of inhabiting such an interesting and well-filmed world.

@hypomodern Still haven’t watched it. Every I propose it, we look at the length and decide to watch something else.

@typingmonkey heh, that's what took me so long :). I don't mind a long movie, or a more magisterially paced one (heck, Lawrence of Arabia is one of my favorite movies!) -- but in the way that Blade Runner is more than the sum of its parts, 2049 is less than the sum of its parts.

@hypomodern @typingmonkey is there a natural break halfway through it? I can’t even with three hour movies in one sitting. Bring back intermissions!

@csalzman @typingmonkey I think so, actually. I watched it over two nights--there's a story beat that transitions the main character's official status that I think served well as a "the first part's over" marker.

@hypomodern @typingmonkey this dramatically increases the likelyhood I'll watch it, thanks! Last time we took a trip through LOTR we did a disc at a time, each of them has a good breakpoint. 6 easily watchable movies instead of 3 very long ones.

@csalzman @typingmonkey heh--there's another good example--I love the extended edition LOTR cuts!

@hypomodern @typingmonkey only complaint with them is I wish they were longer :) give us a 3 hour movie about hanging out with Tom Bombadil you cowards.

@hypomodern @swearengen @typingmonkey I legit love this song and honestly when we get the inevitable reboot of LOTR I hope they consider goofy 70s for their artistic direction.

@hypomodern @typingmonkey

"Less than the sum of its parts" is a good characterization.

I also just thought of calling it "a movie that's not about what it's about."

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