GoT Thoughts 

Two predictions: Jaime's dead (at a guess—Euron kills him with Cersei's blessing), and Arya (wearing Jaime's face) and Sandor do the real work to end the war while lots of pointless and silly CGI happens in the background.

Very much missing George R.R.'s understanding of high medieval fightin' as the series runs along. Battles are now just whatever the showrunners want, with no real justification for anything.

GoT Thoughts 

@hypomodern My thoughts:

it would be v. fitting for Jaime to be the Queenslayer, but I'm not confident that this show will be giving us that kind of rhyme.

The Hound is destined for Cleganebowl, and I bet Arya wears a face at least one more time.

Jon can go do whatever he wants I don't care after how he didn't even say goodbye to Ghost.

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