RVM is literally upgrading everything from postgresql to python and oh god what the actual fuck, man. YOU HAVE ONE JOB, RVM! ONE!

@hypomodern now, I think I'm on your side, but pretty sure RVM is only supposed to be managing Ruby and not...everything?

@csalzman rvm autolibs disable should be the default. If I find whoever a) invented that and b) turned it on by default, they owe me a beer ;)

@hypomodern at least a beer. I switched from rvm to rbenv a while ago. rbenv doesn't do that to you. @csalzman

@twbrandt @csalzman yeah, turns out it's ill-fated foray has broken my nodejs and my python installs as well as leaving me with a version of ruby that doesn't have SSL support.

@hypomodern @twbrandt @csalzman Oof.

Yeah, I regret my strong recommendation of rvm now, whenever somebody I recommended it to updates.

Also on rbenv, here. This is not, I know, a help of any sort.

Can you umm nuke usr/local? I often find that's the best way to proceed: nuke it from orbit, just to be sure.

@hypomodern @twbrandt @csalzman (to clarify, I have not recommended ram for like 6 years now)

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