There is a Matthew Wilson with my birthday who lives in Brighton, MI.

They recently got into some kind of accident, for which they were treated at the University Hospital, where I have also been treated.

You see where this is going, I presume, but friends: I have been fielding calls from various offices about billing issues and scheduling adjustments for weeks.

@hypomodern That’s so annoying. I took the MiChart training and they really pound into people the necessity to use *all* the available info to ID a patient. Unfortunately, no one seems to remember it outside of class.

@hypomodern I would lob a message at some compliance officer to remind them of their patient privacy obligations

@tmy @ed_packet well, I mean, they thought we were the same person

@hypomodern one time I got another chris salzman's biopsy results and...yeah...wish I had not seen those photos or been included in their care program. hope you can convince them that HIPAA compliance is a thing!

@csalzman 😬-- in this case, I didn't have to hear anything beyond "we need to reschedule / bill you for this MRI you just had"

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