10am monday work thoughts!

I'm gonna level with you folks: I don't like typescript very much. There. I said it. I'd rather just write es6.

@george @sstrudeau @hypomodern type systems should help make things simpler/reduce errors. If they're making things worse, then maybe it's a bad type system?

eg: I've done several refactors over the last year in go that would be nearly impossible in ruby or python. I'm definitely glad for the type system 90% of the time.

@bdimcheff @sstrudeau @hypomodern I actually like the way types are optional and inferred in TypeScript, which reduces the amount of boilerplate needed. I don’t like to document things before I know what I’m doing, and sometimes I need to write code to figure out what I’m doing.

All of this is orthoganal to the argument that JavaScript build processes are both necessary and evil.

@hypomodern Six months ago I wrote some vanilla JavaScript with no build step I’m still happy about that.

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