Very excited to kick off my group's take on Eternal Lies this Friday! I've done... some... work on puzzles and paper props once again!

(Massive thanks to the many corners of the very good Cthulhu Roleplaying Internet for making my life much easier this time!)

@hypomodern this is a reminder that I need to buy a good period appropriate notebook for this campaign.

@csalzman the recent "fancy old-style notebook" craze is most useful!

@hypomodern ha, have you found anything obviously good? If not, I will take a trip around town to see what I can see.

@csalzman I think any of the moleskine / leuchtturm 1917 / field notes varieties in their basic forms work pretty well; they're all patterned after pocket / bag day-books and planners that I believe were in use.

One difference between now and then is we have a simpler aesthetic (& you see a lot of "advertising give-away notebooks" from the 30s), and almost no need for calendar-style pages on the interior. But, as a character in an RPG, you also don't really need the diary/day-planner bits :).

@hypomodern not to give you yet another prop or plot idea, but that is a very fun one in which someone could write some secrets...

@csalzman That is very cool, but $225 is like my entire props budget! Now I just need to become a metalworker so I can make my own... ;)

@hypomodern Ah, this week I'm scanning 1900s volumes of _Academy Architecture_, which have things I explicitly realized as I scanned them would be useful in... things.

@Vaguery oh, I also noted the Knife Room, with some joy :)

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