Amazon really wants me to know that the "Jeremy Renner Collection" is now available.

@george @hypomodern I 100% blame you getting me to click on that thing about Mr. Renner's social network for me seeing this ad on amazon.

@hypomodern @george I certainly did not! However, I question _why_ he has so much going on

@csalzman @george my hypothesis: he's hollywood dad. He knows how to light a fire! He dresses sensibly! He's in more movies than you remembered him being in! He can probably pick up the kids and fix that broken door. He's attractive but not, like, Hemsworth or DiCaprio over here. Steady. Reliable.

Perhaps that's a brand?

@hypomodern @george no one told me he knew how to light a fire, get that man an EGOT, a scotch, and my Credit Card number

@csalzman @george I need to indicate my approval of his outdoorsy sartorial choices on a private instagram channel!

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