I am astonished that something like Movies Anywhere a) exists in this balkanized era, and b) works. But it does!

Anyways, working for Warner means that every couple of months they send me link to put one of their many new movies in there. I think it's free and if you link it to various online movie stores you can suddenly start playing your library from any of them.

@hypomodern yeah! my brother-in-law is all in on it (and has been for a while). He collects codes from family members and sets things up such that we can all access it. I'm shocked that it works as well as it does.

@csalzman oh, that's an even nicer use of it! Family digital movie communism :).

I wish I could trade these credits for new mediocre movies for older classics though :). Don't tell Ann Sarnoff I said that, though. OUR MOVIES ARE GREAT.

@hypomodern "look, employee #15134234, you will be getting codes for The Meg until you watch it."

@dgoings @csalzman it's a service that you can sign up for and then link your various streaming app store accounts to. Once you've done so, it matches your inventory as best as it can across all of them.

So if you, say, bought Grand Budapest Hotel in iTunes, Duck Soup in Amazon, and Spaceballs in vudu, if you link all of these to MA, you'll get all three in each service. It sounds like there's a way to share this, about which Chris might know more.

@hypomodern @dgoings if you were really 5 I would say: "you can watch Frozen AND Moana on any of your parent's phones and tablets!"

Matt's explanation is a good though. Shockingly all the lawyers are okay with this arrangement.

@csalzman @hypomodern @dgoings it’s telling that technology people are like “oh someone made a platform to stream movies anywhere, that’s pretty much a solved problem, nbd… wait, they solved The Licensing Problem???? What black magic is this!?"

@hypomodern @csalzman wait, so I don't now stream my movies from this new centralized service, but rather, I can stream movies on Google that I originally bought on iTunes? That's wild.

@dgoings @csalzman correct. You can also stream them from this app, but they're just "there" in your other accounts.

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