@csalzman so hey I might be in the oak if it is affordable! You wanna go in on some? ;)

@hypomodern when life gives you lemons...

Yes, absolutely! Let me know when/if you have a quote.

@hypomodern also, I’m going to lobby for turning it into something like a kitchen/gaming table for you because that would be rad

@csalzman yeah, I have wanted to build a table for ages... if this can work out as the source material, awesome. Gotta figure out milling and drying!

@hypomodern @csalzman
B & B Heartwoods on whitmore lake road did some milling of ash into flooring for me.

For drying, I just took over my garage and sticked it up and let it season for a couple years

@Cornellbox @hypomodern @csalzman

Do you know if this place will also do re work of old cutting boards?

@ed_packet @hypomodern @csalzman

I don't know; but that seems like a very small project for them and they might be concerned about non-wood content causing problems or damage to the equipment

@Cornellbox @ed_packet @hypomodern unless it's extremely bad you might be able to do it yourself with sandpaper and mineral oil. If B&B can't do it I bet they know someone in town that could do it pretty easily.

@csalzman @ed_packet @hypomodern

Not sure what Maker Works has in their woodshop, but that could be a possibility

@hypomodern @csalzman
If you're not already talking with him, John Haling was the guy with the portable sawmill who cut up our ash into boards when we had to take that down some years back.

And right as we were finishing up, the power went out (the big multi-day cascade blackout) and my neighbor thought we'd done it

@Cornellbox @csalzman thanks for the recs. It's sunday, so nobody I called answered the phone. 'tis a project for the mornin'!

The center of this oak is hollow, but there's... many inches of solid wood around that core. We'll have to see what a professional says (and, uh, I'm gonna have them look at the three larger oaks on my property... <looks nervously at them>).

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