Called comcast and asked to pay them less and they cut $26/mo from my bill. Just for asking. YMMV, but worth a shot!

@hypomodern what a solid and equitable business model.

I wonder how many different prices customers of Comcast pay for service.

@dgoings Right? It's aggravating enough that I can't get the prices listed on the website ("new customers only"), and it's also garbage that I can call and get some rando new deal from a CSR.

@hypomodern @dgoings we should start to crowdsource data

@bdimcheff @dgoings anyhow, I'm paying $70/mo for 200/15 and 60/mo for their basic digital cable package.

@hypomodern @dgoings what I wanna know is if you can get them to charge less than $50/mo for unlimited data because that's a bunch of nonsense

@bdimcheff @dgoings what I wanna know is when we're gonna have some competition here in A2 :)

@bdimcheff @hypomodern I actually sincerely like this idea and might do it

@dgoings @bdimcheff @hypomodern I bet it's against their TOS, which means you should absolutely do it.

@csalzman @dgoings @bdimcheff @hypomodern

Just signed up for fiber for our internet service in Ypsi. 200/200 for $50/mo and goes up to $60 in a year.

But the best part is that it's _not_ Comcast nor ATT.

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