Nobody's asking the _real_ questions at this Unreal Engine 5 preview event, such as: "how do we pull friends via your online service SDK when we're proxying a gameserver", lol.

I'm sure all this mind-blowing animation tech is really cool too.


But seriously, this nanite / lumen real-time rendering technology, currently running on this fall's PS5, is astounding overkill:

The amount of horsepower backing today's games is incredible, just insane. Doesn't matter a whit if the games aren't good first and foremost, though. It's just extra development time and bundle size unless you're gonna do something neat with it.

Also some real uncanny valley moments in a couple places during the demo, even amongst the majesty of realistic rock canyons and decaying temples.

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@hypomodern As if to highlight the amount of horsepower my very antique computer had trouble keeping up with already rendered video that was compressed for streaming.

I should probably upgrade.

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