The struggle to sleep was real this week; thankfully, got 7.5 hours last night.

Work is moving along well and I don't feel like I'm dropping the ball as much.

Our current house projects are nearly all inching ever closer to completion. We should have been done-done with the master bathroom, but the freight company delivering the vanity _scheduled a delivery window, called during that window to change it, and then said they'd actually lost the pallet_. So close!

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Delivery issues part two: I ordered a new grill for the patio in late may. They gave me a June 15th delivery date, which: fine. They stuck to that date until yesterday, when they called to tell me that they had lost track of it somewhere in Ohio 🤣 .

It's been a bit of a sad non-shock to watch the unfolding second wave of visible-leader-figures-behaving-badly, now in art, streaming, and creative writing this past week.

Power corrupts. Ethics and civics should get more attention in school.

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