Ye gods, what dangerous times these are. It's Weimar 1930 out there, plus a global pandemic.

My is that I am taking a week off of work. Burnout was nigh, plus I was at my PTO accrual cap, so... use some or lose some.

Naturally, this meant racing to try to make sure my team has enough work to be without me (hah! as if I'm the cornerstone!) for a week. At least to set expectations.

My brother came up to stay with us for a couple of days, which was nice.

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(A friend of his is going into hospice care up here--too young, far too young; he judged that worth the risk of a trip during the covid summer meltdown.)

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@hypomodern oy i need to do that but unfortunately shit is going to get more intense in the short term 🙃

hope your time off does the job

@bdimcheff thanks, me too. There’s so much on our plate at work I feel bad leaving, but... that’s how the games industry gets ya. Hitting my pto cap helps.

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