Parental illness 

Got a call from my father over lunch. He's going to need a cancer surgery at the beginning of November—his prognosis is really quite good, they caught this early and it hasn't spread so he should be a simple case, but it's still a little un-nerving! He sounds pretty upbeat about it, which is good.

Even though I'd begun preparing myself for these sort of events when he turned 70, it's still not easy to process.

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Parental illness 

@hypomodern sorry to hear that, Matt. It's good it was caught early.

Parental illness 

@hypomodern I'm so glad he caught it early, definitely let me know if you want to talk cancer-related issues at all.

Everybody please, get your routine screenings done. The pandemic has put a lot of people off their own preventative checkups and the results have not been good.

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