Dexter, the pup, just a) caught up to a squirrel but b) might have blown out his knee in the process 😬. He doesn't seem to be in a ton of pain so I guess I see if this is a "popped out of place and will pop back in" situation before getting the vet involved.

Poor guy. Almost lived the dream.

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@hypomodern Oh poor Dexter.

(My dog caught a squirrel one time after years of trying and was so shocked by the experience that she immediately let it go and ran back to me with her tail between her legs.)

@typingmonkey Rue, my terrier, caught one when she was younger and just ran straight over it. It bounced a few feet to the left, shook itself off in surprise, and made it to a tree before she could make the corner :). Very fast in a straight line, that lady—not so good in the corners! 🤣

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