The bulk of the work is done, heck yes. I wanted a residential tower and a nightclub in my little noirtown; this covers both. I have a bunch of tweaks and changes to make, especially on interiors but structure and basic interior design is all done! Gotta order some more parts :).

(This is not my original design--this is a conversion of many official lego kits; I followed a eurobricks forum post showing a way to stitch them together. A few thousand or so extra parts.)

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The ground floor is a much expanded Central Perk that I'm about halfway done converting into a jazzy nightclub; my city already has a couple cafes :).

The upper floors are conversions of various apartments from their sitcom line: Seinfeld, Friends, and the efficiency studio on the roof is actually Thor's "New Asgard" apartment, but with redone walls.

@hypomodern my older kid (yes, the one who ordered a tequila flight at the restaurant last night) wants Lego for Christmas.

@hypomodern the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I got a Lego set for Christmas one year the -second- time I was in grad school.

(My Lego sets got completely morfled when the kids were young, and a lot of their collection has now been passed along to others, but I think we still have some of the basic blocks in the house, as well as a couple recent kits.)

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