This neocolonial manor near my studio's home office is the same price as the median California home:

It is also _begging_ for a murder mystery evening.

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@typingmonkey indeed! Troy, NY is nicknamed "Collar City" because the replaceable-collar industry boomed there in the 1880s! And then since the depression very little else happened there, thus it has enough "gilded age" streets to be a principal shooting location for the tv show 🤣 .

@hypomodern I stopped there to check out RPI when I was doing the college tour thing. It was already really shabby and even pretty sketchy back then.

@typingmonkey it has gotten substantially nicer every year since I started working there in 2011.

It's still got a lot of that "ah yes, this is a decayed industrial city" vibe, but it's gentrified gradually and has lots of nice eateries, bars, and coffee shops. Trending up slowly!

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