"What the heck is using all of this disk space?"

<some querying later>

Nostalgia level intensifies.

@hypomodern and it does indeed contain sporting news and horoscopy, as well as a shipping update in its very victoriana-elfpunk style

A little project I finished this weekend around taking more rotting drywall out of my garage: a holder for my diamond stones! It's got a pad on the bottom and everything. First time using the hand router plane!

Now to figure out how to efficiently resharpen said router's iron :).

Somebody lost a camera that has photos on it they really want back 😬

A world first puzzle solve at a puzzle themed wedding ;) ; if it is possible to win at a wedding as a guest, Heather and I (and our partners from team Ruby) have done so !

The mothership is having Frank Genry build it some Blade Runner shit for the Second Century Project kickoff

Sword #3! If I weren’t under the weather I’d be out in my backyard worrying the neighbors :)

Matthias Corvinus’ church up on the Buda heights—gotta love that little raven statue on the right! Also good on him for picking a crow as his symbol over eagles, lions, etc

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