I guess we announced LeBron James (available today!) and Rick and Morty (soon!). So, you know, if you've ever wanted to cartoon battle with or against LeBron James as Arya Stark or Shaggy from Scooby Doo, your dream is here.

Free option unlocks on PC storefronts at noon today because of reasons.

Took a couple weekends longer than I expected (what project doesn't?), but I got the Chicken Chest™ moved into place and packed all of our supplies into it. Mostly scrap from the shed build, though I did pick up PT fence pickets for $3 each to finish the outside. My original plan for the outside using scrap was going to take a _lot_ longer!

When you've eaten your fill of salad you can just nest down in the remains... if you're a chicken of a certain persuasion, that is...

Had a bunch of electrical work done yesterday; am pretty stoked about this new outlet/circuit in my garage 😃

It was a lovely evening for a short walk at Gallup; there is a family of swans that lives near the livery. Seven cygnets, watched over by a tired mama.

I’ve had a pretty exasperating and stressful week but I can recommend these chips, picked up at the Indian market earlier this week! They cost a little more than 50 rupees, though.

Look at this corner sequence! Narrow AF and it winds past a medieval castle 🤩 . It's got a really nice mix of corners and some of the fastest straights—215mph on a three-laner. So many drivers pushing these corners and _just_ kissing the wall with their tires. Amazing bravery :).

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The chickies got to spend some time outside yesterday with friends, and will do so again today.

Initial concern turned to delight at the spacious quarters filled with bugs and greenery to eat and dirt to scratch.

The chicks (who are soooo big already) have tipped over their balance bar and appear to be manning some sort of barricade?

Dexter was a good shop doggo while Heather and I got stuff done in and around the yard this weekend

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