Did one of my engineers provide code comments in meme style? Yes. Did I slam the approve button on this merge request? Also yes. 🤣

I picked up a bottle of eye drops for myself (‘Tis the dry season!) and unbeknownst to me it has the worst dispensing mechanism design I have ever seen. You’re supposed to hold it upright, squeeze out a drop, and then roll the bottle over toward your eye. Wtf. What is wrong with the conventional design? :)

The bulk of the work is done, heck yes. I wanted a residential tower and a nightclub in my little noirtown; this covers both. I have a bunch of tweaks and changes to make, especially on interiors but structure and basic interior design is all done! Gotta order some more parts :).

(This is not my original design--this is a conversion of many official lego kits; I followed a eurobricks forum post showing a way to stitch them together. A few thousand or so extra parts.)

Stuffed squash, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, chestnut stuffing, and a shaved Brussels sprout salad were our turkey day meal :).

Absolute unit, taking a little rest break to mark the holiday 🤣

Doors! The one on the left has a twist in it, which is mega-annoying, but eh, I’ll build a new one in the future :)

This pup is so earnest these past few days. 💗

It's been a downward wobble on her GI issues, but she seems like she's on the upswing again already. It's nice that the floor here is now "mild discomfort and maximum earnestness for 2-3 days" instead of "extremely sick for a week and 75% chance of a trip to the dog ER", hooray dietary restructuring.

Good guy Lewis Hamilton with a cool helmet design as they go to race in the emirates.

Miss Rue has been exceptional at posing for Heather today 🤣😍🐺

Well, I didn’t get nearly as much done on the shed doors as I wanted, but I got some done and I made an apple pie. So I’ve got that going for me.

Looking at the Xbox 360 games I kept—many of my favorites plus Venetica (which I kept because I hadn't started playing it yet, and still haven't 🤣) and Red Dead Redemption (the beginning and ending are amazing, the long 20-25 hour middle is mostly real bad)—and realizing I have purchased several of these multiple times so I can play them on contemporary systems.

We (and the dogs!) have been hearing noises from the garage for the past couple of nights; heather finally found the adorable culprit :).

Relocated to the woods across the street, was pretty sleepy and chill.

Poor little thing probably thought it had hit the jackpot!
- in a garage
- in a cupboard we don’t close tightly
- on an interior wall
- in a bucket
- full of clean ragtowels

Retreated to the porch; alas, poor pirate Stan the anatomical skeleton took a tumble in the wind and our necromancers are doing their best to put him back together again

I like that it has an included diagram for turning it into Sudden Valley

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