Snake day! Tons of little baby snakes coming out of the nest over in Sugarbush near the swamp.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many snakes in one place

What a lovely day. No patio furniture yet, but a folding chair will do 🌞

We’re going to donate this sofa—if anyone here wants it first, it’s your if you can haul it. The extendo thing is reversible.

Get a mortgage from a service organization, and naturally their gift to you will be an American flag 🤣 🇺🇸

We are trying to decide if we want to keep this leather sofa and chair set, or if we want to part with it. On the one hand, it won't really fit in stylistically with the new family room. On the other, it's really, really well-made furniture (Jaymar)!

This might be the stupidest thing The Algorithm has decided I’d be in to. Limited edition rifle tributes to America’s Hero, only $2500.

Here's a nice china / curio cabinet that we don't think we'll have a home for in the new house. If anyone here would like to take it off our hands for a modest fee (say, $50-100), you are welcome to it if you can move it!

It is a chonky boi—78" tall, 42" wide, 15" deep, solid wood. It's quite nice and handsome! But it's also very large and very heavy.

Well, I'm glad he's unitary and not some kind of collective Carl Entity!? 😂

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