Outdoor cats; my intense dislike for them 

In any case—please be respectful of wildlife. Look how adorable this bun is; praying the little one makes it:

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Wee little juvenile squirrels come to visit our bird bath / shade garden most mornings and evenings 😍😍! This is great. Blurry picture, my phone has seen better days :)

Made some of ol’ general Tso’s chicken; good stuff. This batch a little less crispy than my first effort—I suspect I left it too juicy from the marinade, or humidity was too high? Delicious, though.

Furniture free for the price of taking it off our hands—a buff-colored Jaymar leather sofa and armchair, in great condition. The leather is clean and has no cracking (I've maintained it reasonably well if sporadically). These were a Treasure Mart find (RIP, Treasure Mart) and cannot negotiate the tight turn to our basement stairs or I'd keep them 🤣.

I wonder how the Guardian's culture editor really feels

A nice visual illustration of the importance of dusk masks 🤣

Portrait of a man recovering from vaccine-related fatigue (my rings are rarely this good!)

Working on a materials list and, uh, this is a _weird_ domain name, n'est-ce pas?

ya boi ducked relegation out of A by the thinnest of margins a second season in a row. Life in the top trivia fight club tables is hard!

Awww, you’re welcome, Ondrej! A nice surprise in an order direct from a creator. Also European handwriting is so distinct.

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