The weekend's painting--a second Dawnrider (the one with scales on his shield and roses beneath his horse). Cut the painting time down by a third while trying to get better panel lining, clearer sigils, and better striping on the crest, and I think I succeeded! I'd like to maintain this quality while cutting painting time down again on the next one.

I think I'm going to paint a grey horse.

managed the week! Very much looking forward to this long weekend to recharge a bit.

Spent the week closing out a big project for next and setting up a big fall schedule.

In my off-time, I painted an Elven Knight miniature, and I'm pretty pleased with it :). Apologies for the crappy lighting and framing--it's surprisingly hard to take good pictures of minis! I've never painted a horse-mounted figure before, so that was pretty intimidating. But it was fun to break it down.

I treated myself to this, and man—these really are amazing. God-tier snacking. Treat yourself!

This cardinal and his lady friend have been posing in all kinds of nice contrast spots in one of our fir trees. Good birb!

Just in time for the three-day weekend! Someday, we’ll be able to have people over :).

Which reminds me: my old Weber Master-touch 22 is now free to a good home; you have to come collect it tho :).

Does anyone here want a 22” Weber MasterTouch charcoal grill in good condition? $79 obo? (Dexter, the pup, is not included but very much likes how the legs and wheels taste.)

Good people: my doggos have started to cozy up together like this during TV time and it’s adorable! Sibling cuddle nap time!

Today: patio furniture, banana pudding, a blue jay and an enormous crow shouting at each other in a tree

Banana bread from a recipe in the back of a video game manual, as is the way 🤣

If you lost your NES cartridge, it’s at the entrance to Sugarbush park across the street from my house

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