I have inherited a workbench—a pretty decent looking workbench, with some nice built-in features already.

It's also a little piece of Ann Arbor towniedom—this was Herb David's workbench, if you're a townie and you remember his guitar shop.

I'll endeavor to build something nice on it!

It sort of feels like a weird tent inside. I put some of the trusses up to provide some rigidity in case of rain this week.

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Little studio now big enough we don't fit on a single screenshot!

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Just in time for two straight days of rain, lol. Gonna need a buddy to raise the rear wall—anyone interested? I will reciprocate!

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We went to the Glenlore Trails “Haunted Forest” spooky season theme thing last night, and it was really nice. Especially thinking of you folks with kids—it’s a spooky forest walk, a mile long (~1hr), 4 themed sections, lots of lights, projection, music, and fog. No jump scares, no blood and gore; lots of families. We did a 9:15 entrance, but I think anytime after sundown would be good.


I built a wall. Now I need to build a couple more, I guess? 🤣

Mass truss production complete! I guess now I need to work on walls!? 🤣

This weekend's progress—this puppy has a dang floor. Stained and sealed the sickly-green PT, cut and installed the ply; two coats spar varnish per side to give it some further water resistance. Still pretty darn level and square after all the fuss.

Trying to review a new feature this morning, and I can't stop laughing at this candidate for the greatest python type annotation in history:

Ran out of deck screws 🤣 , but made good progress this weekend!

early access beta going well!

Big round number anniversary was great :)

I need more sleep and more time to read things, but it was a good week nonetheless.

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