@typingmonkey the house is in recess because Pelosi ordered it so yesterday

I cannot for the life of me imagine why the democrats in Congress aren’t battling to their posts to legislate solutions to this crisis; they could seize the leadership position here decisively!

(to be clear: I don't endorse their economic worldview or their enthusiasm for purchasing the outcomes they want from the government. I'm well aware that none of their actions are going magically fix the situation on the streets. It is, however, a pretty big deal that they're committed to an aggressive if normal liberal program. There's no inherent reason they'd have to be, given Big Business.)

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We've gotten pretty powerful (mainstream liberal) messages of support for these protests from every CEO in my Megacorp all the way to the biggest of business daddies.

They supplied recommended reading and viewing; expressed outrage and solidarity with protestors and our CNN crews, and pledged money, WarnerMedia is joining the blackouts, and they've increased funding and visibility for diversity and inclusion efforts.

In major corporate america, the culture war is over.

well, I see that Things Have Escalated Quickly™

@swearengen candidates, in no order:

- Arrival
- Inception
- The Nice Guys
- Sicario
- Gravity
- Mad Max: Fury Road

Moonrise Kingdom is the only Wes Anderson movie I haven't seen, but I love all of his others.

@swearengen these lists are all over the place, and that's why I love lists of movies! :)

There are six movies between your lists I'd consider for my version of such a list!

You know what revolutionary-era snake iconography I want brought back?

The "Join, or die" snake. America has to get on the same goddamn page again.

Now that the forces of “law and order” are out here trying to start a race war, it feels so unlikely that there will be free and fair elections this fall.

I fear for us all.


@bdimcheff “none of these things are real, so it’s easy to understand why people wouldn’t have heard about them.”

@Cornellbox and that's why I have divested myself of facebook to the maximum extent possible, and encourage others to do the same!

It seems like major corporate america is not planning on going back to offices this year, for the most part. Hard, but I don't see what choice they have.

A long shot: does anyone here have experience retrofitting a multi-zone HVAC setup into an existing house? With Heather's business going in on the ground floor and me trying to work upstairs, it feels like we need two zones. It's probably hugely expensive, but I guess I don't want to prematurely rule anything out.

@Cornellbox @dgoings indeed! In my case, I have 10ish inches of cellulose dust atop the joists, so I had to dig down through that to place or find boards. Horrible work.

@dgoings I managed to mostly get the tubes attached through force of will, violent sailorish cursing, and the employment of a hand trowel and broom to sweep cellulose piles around in order to find boards.

the seals are not air-tight, but it'll have to do until I figure out a more professional approach here.

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