@twbrandt @Cornellbox @swearengen indeed! I'm a fan of everything I've had of theirs, but I haven't splurged on any of their limited edition brews (yet) :)

@twbrandt @swearengen @Cornellbox these are all Western works; there's a clear Japanese take on Cyberpunk that is hugely influential as well and cross pollinates it with mecha (because obviously): Ghost in the Shell, Bubblegum Crisis, Akira, probably others. I'm not as versed in that as I could be.

Mostly because I find graphic novels and anime to be hard to get into.

@twbrandt @swearengen @Cornellbox Cyberpunk suggestions, 1st and 2nd wave:

* Wm. Gibson's: Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive
* Bruce Sterling: Islands in the Net
* Neal Stephenson: Snow Crash, The Diamond Age
* Philip K. Dick: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, numerous short stories (e.g. Minority Report, Total Recall)
* Richard Morgan: Altered Carbon
* Charles Stross: Accelerando
* Ian McDonald: River of Gods
* Hannu Rajaniemi: Quantum Thief (this is postcyberpunk, 3rd wave)

@csalzman I may take him up on that for whenever I need full sheets. For this project, I can get by with an in-store cut fortunately :)

@csalzman nice, thanks. Ironically, I most need a table saw in order to get the wood home from the store :).

@csalzman home depot / lowes / menards. I picked up a cyclonic dust collector kit and want to follow some internet guides to make a cart for it and the vac. $55 for a 4x8 sheet of birch!

Now contemplating whether 1/2" is "good enough"™ for such a cart.

@csalzman yeah, they were apparently taking stock and shelving out NYE or something. Super-last minute notice, asymptotically-approaching-zero business acumen, or something out of the ordinary happened.

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