Quote on installing a new front door was surprisingly high. I don't suppose anyone here has installed a door before?

@Ohbejuan @csalzman I had mentioned I had read a story (in Matt Levine's excellent newsletter) about the rolling insanity of overstock.com 's ex-CEO Patrick Byrne and his many eccentricities to Chris the other evening, commenting that he had a crazy anti-"deep state" blog.

@csalzman anyhow Matt Levine is great and I endorse subscribing to his newsletter so you don't have to deal with Bloomberg's insufferable paywall.

@csalzman bloomberg.com/opinion/articles

>“If there be any criminal liability associated with it, let me stipulate right now that I am 100% responsible for this: come after me,” Byrne wrote, which is not normal! When you announce a dividend and say “by the way if this dividend happens to be a crime, come after me,” after you have left the country, that just suggests there’s something wrong with the dividend, doesn’t it? It’s a dividend. The default assumption about a dividend is that it’s not a crime!

Magic the Gathering? 

Magic the Gathering? 

Magic the Gathering? 

Magic the Gathering? 

They’re so good! Seb McKinnon’s Kickstarter art mats. Such a mythic looking art style.

@csalzman just wait until these people find themselves in a real academic library, with it's thrice-heretical LoC categorization scheme!

@csalzman "in my day, we used the Dewey Decimal System and BY GOD WE SWORE ETERNAL ALLEGIANCE TO IT UNTO THE END TIMES"

"Important information about your credit card account" == "Hey, so, uh... you haven't used it in a while and we wanted to remind you that you totally could"

Thanks, business! I do in fact remember.

'Murrica today 

@csalzman @typingmonkey that was a good one! I also like the micrometer resto as well.

birdsite tweet deletion? 

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