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@csalzman @sstrudeau @murphmonkey yeah, Tulsa's a hard sell, what with climate change looming. Gonna get real, real hot and those proper midwestern storms more intense...

@murphmonkey @csalzman they are! At the bottom of that slick recruiting page, they cycle through cost of living comparisons to various metros and have a carousel of zillow listings!

@csalzman it has always looked super great, but shackled to a really offputting business model

@csalzman that it does, man. And at 480K, it's roughly the price of a nice 2BR apartment in Ann Arbor

@george right? Blast from the past! But also pretty relevant :)

From Manhattans last night, here is the RestrictedPython library we're building some nice stuff on, in case people check here and not twitter:

We live in strange, kind of alarming times

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