oh god, I worked out again today. The only way out is through!

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Friends, I worked out for the first time since the move-in and I am sore today.

Miss Rue just chased Jane Lumm off of our porch, so the terrier vote is noted.

This cardinal and his lady friend have been posing in all kinds of nice contrast spots in one of our fir trees. Good birb!

I know the USPS is struggling with mismanagement, but it has been kind of hilarious / fun to watch a package I ordered from Seattle come to Detroit, then skip over Ann Arbor and end Monday in Indianapolis, only to get back on the road and end up spending last night in Rockville, MD. It's back on the road today! Can't wait to find out where it goes next!

(I'm just glad it's not, like, a ballot, or necessary medication or anything.)

@bdimcheff thanks, me too. There’s so much on our plate at work I feel bad leaving, but... that’s how the games industry gets ya. Hitting my pto cap helps.

(A friend of his is going into hospice care up here--too young, far too young; he judged that worth the risk of a trip during the covid summer meltdown.)

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Ye gods, what dangerous times these are. It's Weimar 1930 out there, plus a global pandemic.

My is that I am taking a week off of work. Burnout was nigh, plus I was at my PTO accrual cap, so... use some or lose some.

Naturally, this meant racing to try to make sure my team has enough work to be without me (hah! as if I'm the cornerstone!) for a week. At least to set expectations.

My brother came up to stay with us for a couple of days, which was nice.

I mean, I fucking warned people that stupid, gods-damned department was going to turn into the Reichssicherheitshauptamt sooner or later.

You want secret police? Creating a department responsible for "homeland security" and giving them broad, mostly unconstitutional powers and a huge dollop of executive secrecy is how you get secret police.

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This story about DHS violating basically the entirety of the bill of rights out in Portland needs to be a bigger--perhaps the biggest--story right now.

I will never not enjoy the fact that Cavill is a huge nerd like the rest of us.

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@bdimcheff I'm OK with that too, modulo how we fund it :). But countercyclical crisis spending is just... well understood and basically everyone who isn't poisoned by Chicago school / supplysiderism understands it :).

Direct fiscal stimulus, to every adult, until the crisis is over. This was beyond obvious at the time, and it's even more urgent now. You recoup the money that went to people who "didn't need it" by having taxes.

Ideally, this is coupled to a rent / mortgage moratorium for anyone whose income is disrupted by covid-19 as well.

It still kind of blows my mind that you can tell a browser: "yo, create a link that will trigger a download of this arbitrary data when clicked. Oh, also: _click it_."

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