Wordle 218 5/6


All’s well that ends well

Where the hell did I put my utility knives? I have three of the bastards, and the only one still on the shelf is the one that takes weird blades that I don't have any of at the moment.

So if people are ready I'd like to do a sweep to pick up milk jugs around lunchtime? I have errands to run basically in a grand circle of the town anyways :).

@Cornellbox / @Ohbejuan / @csalzman / @george — DM me your address if the 12-2p timeframe works for you?

extremely unhinged vax conspiracy 

@bdimcheff good thing there's no substantive evidence for any of this!

Did one of my engineers provide code comments in meme style? Yes. Did I slam the approve button on this merge request? Also yes. 🤣

Wordle 216 

Another day, another 4/6


Miss Rue got v. frustrated by our fence when I took her out over lunch. She’s been cruising along picking up confidence much faster than we thought she would—she was tracking squirrel and rabbit tracks back to the fenceline and I guess when the trail is interrupted by a barrier you can't see it's extra annoying.

Hey folks—Heather is interested in doing a winter gardening project that involves lots of (empty) milk jugs. If you generate empty gallon-sized milk jugs I would love to collect them for her. LMK?

Someone in team chat mentioned "resurrecting Google Stadia", and chat got savage:

"point of order: a thing must at one point have been alive to be resurrected"

🤣 🔥

My default here has been the paid ProtonMail, it's still $4/mo, and the new G Workspace plan will be $6/mo plus them harvesting my data.

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I guess the free tier of google's GSuite is going away in a couple of months. This will finally prompt me to set up a more privacy-centric alternative. Anyone here a go-getter that has transitioned to a non-google alternative that they like?

I mostly just want to bring my own domain.

Gods help me, I mentioned cryptocurrency on birdsite and now I fear for my mentions when I return.

MS is now the top of that chart plus their colored squares plus Bethesda.

I wonder who Sony will try to buy in order to close the gap 😬

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This is too much consolidation, imo. Lord knows Activision has a bad rep and MS might be able to fix that but... c'mon

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Microsoft is _buying_ Activision, holy shit

Friends, I had a real cup of coffee for the first time (figured since I was making a longish drive) since arriving back from vacation... and this was a huge mistake.

My body is *struggling* with this caffeine dose

Back, her eyes healed up great, stitches out. To the future!

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