@twbrandt ah, yes. He is looking particularly ragged nowadays.

Miss Rue just came into my office, chuffed at me, and then stomped out, laid down in her bed, and sighed audibly.

Someone's having a case of the Mondays 😂

@typingmonkey he's... uh... he's just really good at this futbol wizarding stuff

It feels... disingenuous?... to list coffee roasted in A2 as something that only has 6 miles to market. I’m all for local roasting, but it’s not like we’re gonna be growing coffee in MI anytime soon

@csalzman this guy sounds like he was pretty entertaining as an academic engineer.

@csalzman cardamom is so good! Best Indian in the area, and they have nice cocktails too.

"Mortise and Tenon Magazine"

/me whispers: go onnnnn....

@twbrandt oh man I kind of love reading the comments on NYT Cooking's italian recipes for all manner of extremely committed #2's :)

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UMich active shooter alert Show more

@csalzman hah! One of the interesting things about great editing is that you tend not to notice it ;).

But I’d say take a look at the ol’ “every frame a painting” YouTube channel, bound to be some good stuff there. I’ve taken some film courses so I know some of the basics. If I come across anything I’ll send it your way!

Speaking of cinema criticism, this bomb dropped on Bohemian Rhapsody's editing (for which it inexplicably won the academy award!) was quite good, and thorough: youtube.com/watch?v=4dn8Fd0TYe

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Sword #3! If I weren’t under the weather I’d be out in my backyard worrying the neighbors :)

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