Anyone want to come help lift a gable truss or two into place?

@Erich Rappourt? That's a bummer if so.

I love good fish and chips.

joinery porn 

@Vaguery Dorian Bracht is amazing

@typingmonkey Rue, my terrier, caught one when she was younger and just ran straight over it. It bounced a few feet to the left, shook itself off in surprise, and made it to a tree before she could make the corner :). Very fast in a straight line, that lady—not so good in the corners! 🤣

Dexter, the pup, just a) caught up to a squirrel but b) might have blown out his knee in the process 😬. He doesn't seem to be in a ton of pain so I guess I see if this is a "popped out of place and will pop back in" situation before getting the vet involved.

Poor guy. Almost lived the dream.

Parental illness 

Got a call from my father over lunch. He's going to need a cancer surgery at the beginning of November—his prognosis is really quite good, they caught this early and it hasn't spread so he should be a simple case, but it's still a little un-nerving! He sounds pretty upbeat about it, which is good.

Even though I'd begun preparing myself for these sort of events when he turned 70, it's still not easy to process.

I have inherited a workbench—a pretty decent looking workbench, with some nice built-in features already.

It's also a little piece of Ann Arbor towniedom—this was Herb David's workbench, if you're a townie and you remember his guitar shop.

I'll endeavor to build something nice on it!

Hamilton would end up 5th, two spots behind, due to an unfortunate tactical gamble not quite paying off.

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Sergio Perez, the team-mate of title contender Max Verstappen, put up a heck of a battle to hold Lewis Hamilton (Verstappen's rival) up for as long as possible this weekend, culminating in this half-lap duel; Perez would not be passed until he needed new tires, and ended up on the podium right behind Verstappen. What a wingman!

@twbrandt yah, seems localized to NE Ann Arbor. Got a restoration estimate from them now at least :).

It sort of feels like a weird tent inside. I put some of the trusses up to provide some rigidity in case of rain this week.

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Well, I finished framing the rest of the walls. Tomorrow, I put siding on them and stand them up too. Excited!

Little studio now big enough we don't fit on a single screenshot!

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