@csalzman @Cornellbox one of the reasons I just bought out my Volt at the end of the lease was that 30-40 miles of EV range is usually enough. The one disappointment is that it runs the ICE a lot during the winter months. This accounts for 28 of the ~30-34 gallons of gas I burn per year.

A pure-EV wouldn't do that!

Anyhow, I'm greatly looking forward to switching over to a pure EV in a year or so for my ~4000mi/year of driving. With 270mi, one could get to Detroit and back!

I cannot recommend United's 737 flights. That was the worst airplane I've ever been in. Claustrophobic AF.

We made it into Jackson Hole just fine, and it's beautiful, spacious, and open here, so that helps :)

amazingly, while our power flickered several times, we have not lost power!

Feels Like: 104 and now: thun-thun-thunderstorms!

What the fresh hell has birdsite done with their UI

I was going to do social things this evening, but my stomach has other plans 🤢

I have two shiny new training certificates; I know about how to combat harassment in the workplace, and I know about our corporate mobile device policy.

us pol / birdsite 

Been reflecting a little bit on an interesting little doctrinal difference between eastern and western christianity—in the west, the prayer for the dead takes the form of Requiem Aeternam, "Eternal Rest". In the east, the form is Memoria Aeternam (Vichnaya Pamyat), or "Memory Eternal".

The past isn't dead... it isn't even past... it's still alive in our memory.

@Erich heading out to some big mountains in Wyoming & Montana (Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, Yellowstone)

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