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Update: turnout is trending better! Now if dem voters would knock it off with this support for an unelectable mayor, we might be in business.

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Not a fan of these primary numbers. Turnout is too low to win this fall regardless of candidate.

If you ever want to marvel at the embedded-ness of car infrastructure, go look at people playing Cities: Skylines well, i.e.

Look at all the space taken up by even the efficient intersections!

@typingmonkey generally everything, but in specific it's moving week and men are coming to haul my household away in less than 48 hours.

Cannot recommend getting a massive nosebleed in the shower. Not a great time: trying to figure out how to not bleed so much on your white tile while fumbling around for a kleenex and a (white, naturally) towel.

Ethno-nationalists and fascists in Ireland are getting punished, with an appropriate 1.39% of the vote so far. Makes you wish America could be so reasonable and responsible.

I kind of just want to burn my garage down rather than trying to get anything in it clean enough to pack 🤣

Never have a freestanding garage :).

I also think the guy is a CS prof at UMich who's on leave and working at the book of faces. I have to think that when you buy a 1.6 million dollar home you intend to stay for a while, though? Dunno.

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I have cyber-stalked the people we're buying our house from; they have moved up to a 1.6 million dollar house flight of modernist fancy in Seattle. Guess they're doing OK!

For my part, I'll vote for whomever seems not to be a fascist. That's not good enough for many, though, and the Dems need to understand that. (This is why Buttigieg has no path to victory. He's unlikely to inspire turnout in the rust belt states the dems have to win.)

I should caveat the Warren crossover—she's getting crossover from a lot of highly educated mainstream dems. Those will vote for any non-Trump and will vote regardless. Institutional/machine Dems are still actively hostile.

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My reads from last year remain intact: Biden thinks it's 1976 & has an actively bad campaign; Buttigieg has no path to victory in the general; Warren is awesome but Sanders still reigns supreme in her target demo _and_ she's not getting any crossover from mainstream Dems (yet).

Sanders turns out more youth and crossover working-class votes than anyone else. The question is whether he'll get mainstream support.

My hope is that anti-Trump sentiment is strong enough the Dems will show regardless.

uspol: dem primary edition 

@ed_packet no recipes, sadly--though it's mostly pretty clear what everything is, modulo. They're kind of ASMRish, actually!


Friends, there is a lot of angst over the sorts of things The Algorithm feeds us, and I understand and believe this.

But it's been tryna radicalize me this month by showing me videos about korean breakfast foods served by food carts. This is amazing.

It is fucking hard to make video games, yo.

@csalzman construction timber in the U.S. is universally crappy :). I watch someone like Paul Sellers work in the UK and his 2x4s are straight, clear, and sharp-cornered! Not fair!

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