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I hope you're all doing well this morning, good people of the internet!

We are getting our asses kicked by covid again, people. I know you're all good, but goddamn.

Not fired, games continues to overperform. Sparing a thought for the anxious souls in film and TV production today. It's been, uh, a pretty hard year for big groups to make things.

Oh god, it's so bad it's good—this new Harmonix music game lets you get up to some absolute hijinks:

I do not appreciate, while I am dealing with panic attacks like this, emails from MegaCorp CEOs with subjects like "Tough news to share" about mass layoffs.

(Probably not in my division! We're doing great! But still!)

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I appreciate having a doctor I can have a conversation with.

Had a couple of scary health moments today. It’s also been approximately 96 hours since I didn’t have a headache. Guess I’m going to see my doctor tomorrow!

It’ll be nice to have some decent people in the White House

What a week, eh?

End of year crunchtime here. Looking forward to a week at Thanksgiving and another week or so over the Christmas season. Had my first real test as a team lead—lots of little things combining into the perfect storm—but I think it's going OK. It was a real rough sprint for one of my people from a code quality perspective. There's a lot of reasons why that might be, though, so we'll see how he gets back to it Monday.

Here's to sleep and nice weather!

(I know, I know, it's pro-Romanov absolutist propaganda, but it fits the mood pretty well in its final third)

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I'm going to bed! I hope you all manage to get some sleep tonight too.

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