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Sweet Jesus it is 3:40 and I’ve done nothing but talk about a feature and review code for a feature that isn't even on my official list of things to do, and be in meetings today. What is productivity?

@twbrandt some stainless steel—like our wedding gift set—is not ferrous, so steel doesn't always work. But we're gradually replacing that set anyhow.

I do wonder about wok/stir-fry use, I stir fry a lot. Maybe what I want is a range with a single gas burner and a few induction pads :). Too bad modular stovetops are a super-high-end thing.

@george @Vaguery I am 800 feet from one of their trunk lines, am placing a request for information. Will let the thread know what I hear!

Just in time for two straight days of rain, lol. Gonna need a buddy to raise the rear wall—anyone interested? I will reciprocate!

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We went to the Glenlore Trails “Haunted Forest” spooky season theme thing last night, and it was really nice. Especially thinking of you folks with kids—it’s a spooky forest walk, a mile long (~1hr), 4 themed sections, lots of lights, projection, music, and fog. No jump scares, no blood and gore; lots of families. We did a 9:15 entrance, but I think anytime after sundown would be good.

I gotta figure out how to get this one out of the way so I can build at least one more, hmm.

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I built a wall. Now I need to build a couple more, I guess? 🤣

took the day off to go hike in a couple of woods (Brighton Rec Area & a nature preserve near Fenton) and visit our favorite orchard and cider mill (Al Mar Organics) up in Flushing. Had lunch at the Brighton Theater Cafe, which was surprisingly nice—they have a patio on the mill pond.

Nobody in Brighton masks, which tracks.

A really nice day! Highly recommended.

Dexter, the pup, returned from his morning walkies in a zoomy mood. He's now napping it off. We should all be so lucky!

Dexter, the pup, is extremely blissed out on coziness this morning. MacOS doesn't want to let me upload a photo of him, though.

I am so very sore today. Advil, the breakfast of champions.

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