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Gonna take Miss Rue to get her stitches out!

@Cornellbox I have not read that book, but I agree with what you've said here.

Wordle 3-gang 

Wordle 211 3/6

Tried a weird word second.


Is there anything one should do with empty pill containers? Do people want these for other purposes?

I always feel bad putting clean, durable plastic containers in the bin.

A better week. Having a newly blind dog feels a bit like descriptions of having a toddler—one is constantly balancing needed help with development. The stitches come out monday and it feels like we're ahead of the curve. Natural terrier grit, I guess.

Heather's recovering well from her shock, too.

Work is work, I feel like I am keeping the balls in the air for now.

I've been getting to bed at 10:30, which means I am reading more, which is nice. My throat is not better yet.

Friends, it is Himalayan food night in the casa del Glidden-Wilson, and that's always a good night.

@typingmonkey @george I don't really know much about any of these bands except REM, which I like OK.

I identify with the descriptions of The New Pornographers and the Pixies way more, though :).

Wordle 209 

Most pleasing progress on a 4:

Wordle 209 4/6


Will Arnett has produced a murder investigation procedural with Netflix with quite the twist: his character, a senior detective is paired with a celebrity guest trainee each episode, and that celebrity guest does not have a script. Law and Order x Whose Line Is It Anyway, basically:

The guestlist: Annie Murphy, Conan O’Brien, Ken Jeong, Kumail Nanjiani, Marshawn Lynch, and Sharon Stone.

What is the deal with these big booms and power flickers, DTE?

Holy crap we went on a whole short loop walkies! It took a ton of focus from me and was a little meandering but she seems determined. What a little terrier.

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