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I wonder if the GOP-led federal government is going to further delegitimize themselves by halting recounts in GA and FL (again!)

perhaps we could use this "urban park" as a demonstration hog farm. America needs farmers! If the Iowa collegiate experience taught me anything it is that affluent people loathe the smell of hog farming with a passion.

well other than acquire LEGAL POT and burn it in a tactical manner so as to waft copious weed fumes into targeted zones that have annoyed me. LOOKING AT YOU DENALI BUILDING.

To be clear, I'm not saying that there was some organized campaign around these lines (in re: prop-A), just that these were obviously and blatantly incorrect opinions subscribed to by wealthy members of the regional elderly elite. Not even sure what one does about such steadfastly and earnestly held but completely wrong belief.

The level of disinformation about proposal A is astonishing. Several people today expressed a very earnest belief that it's passage would mean an expansion for our wonderful library (which attentive readers will recall this same lobby successfully shot down!), and/or that the mayor would have profited personally as the developer of the proposed building on the site. These are things that they came to believe not from Fox News, but apparently from fellow A2ites.

I mean the man didn't temper the steel! He put a brass handle on a carbon steel blade! BRASS! UNTEMPERED HARDENED STEEL! This is a sword that will get it's owner killed :).

You know you've been watching too many forging videos when you idly click on one youtube recommends (with 3+ million views) and you are OUTRAGED by the lack of competency on display despite a fine enough *looking* product at the end :).

Man, if turnout was really just 46% as this is showing now it's gonna be a long, hard night for dems.

According to mlive, A2 / Washentaw County have surpassed 2016 in terms of returned absentee ballots. This is no doubt good news, but please keep voting!

In case you were concerned that there was a dearth of functional languages that transpile to modern javascript, OCaml has entered the space as well with a variant called ReasonML:

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