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I need to read more this year. Throughout my life, there's been a correlation between my mental outlook on life and the amount of books I finish, and I didn't finish very many last year. Too much of a pivot to articles & video, lel.

Via a friend on birdsite, some real nice graphics on what a 25% increase in housing can look like:

Sorry about the medium-dot-com link

Little known for fantasy GMs: Warhammer Fantasy RPG has the highest concentration of excellent adventures of any of the fantasy products, in my humble. Even if you don't like the setting or system, their basic structure is frequently not combat-forward and easy to remix. I should write a blog post.

Happy new year, y'all. I hope 2019 sucks less than 2018 did.

pouring rain, misty, and minor flooding, just how everyone imagines New Year's Eve in Michigan, right?

Watched "Roma", by Alfonso Cuaron. Arresting, quite good--felt like a beautiful, nostalgic love letter to a place and person meaningful to a younger man. Highly recommended.

Happy and restful Christmas Eve thoughts to all!

Only this president could find a way to do something good (drawing down troops in the middle east) in a stupid and churlish way (by fucking the liberal Kurds once again).

My favorite casual card game remains the Arkham Horror LCG.

One less cabinet member to worry about, I guess

It is vastly earlier than anyone really wants to be at an airport

Started reading Brian Phillips’ essay compilation ”Impossible Owls”, and man... the man is a national treasure. These are so good!

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