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The chipmunk (or one of the chipmunks) that lives in my garage came and quizzically looked at me a couple of times today as if to say: "excuse me, sir, but this is my home and you're making a lot of racket! Also I was using the wheelbarrow to store my discarded acorn shells, so I hope you move it back." But also to say "thank you for these wood shavings", or so I'd like to think.

Heather is inclined to attempt to seal the garage from chipmunk ingress. I'm more inclined to live and let live.

It's also hilarious how little credit the apple watch gives you for manual labor vs. the fitbit.

It feels really nice to work with one's hands. I filled another garbage can with rotting drywall and rusty metal bits, made a 3-stone holder for my sharpening diamond plates, and mowed the lawn.

If I never heard the phrases “SJW” or “political correctness” again, it would be too soon.

A world first puzzle solve at a puzzle themed wedding ;) ; if it is possible to win at a wedding as a guest, Heather and I (and our partners from team Ruby) have done so !

Some days, I wish formal attire still included a rapier or saber

I showed Miss Rue the results of ten decent minutes of practice on the Praxis card control and she audibly sighed, wandered over to her bed, and curled up to go to sleep.

Everyone's a goddamn critic, I guess ;).

This year has been _taxing_ on my whiskey supply, man.

Heather has decided she wants frozen pizza, so we're having frozen pizza. But, internet, she is now eating frozen cheese off of the frozen pizza before we can cook it! What is even happening here!

So... I installed some updates and now youtube has hijacked the play/pause buttons. If it is open in _any chrome tab_, play/pause and skip back/forward now operate it, instead of iTunes... even if iTunes is the foreground app.

What the shit!

"So folks... don't post on reddit."

"About MK in specific, or just in general?"


GoT Spoilers 

I _do_ like the idea that dragonfire doesn't work but stabbing him in the tum-tum with a dagger does. King Hippo reference or Dune shield tech at work--I report, you decide!

The way my industry treats QA engineers really frustrates me. (All engineers, really, but the QA folk have it extra rough.)

Full studio for an excellent, meditative performance of the singing bowls at Heather's studio this evening!

We hear altogether too much about confederate generals—and altogether too little about the likes of George Henry Thomas, who got the better of them.

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